How do I chill my Pyrex® glass sex toy safely?

One of the many benefits of a glass sex toys is that you can chill them in most any fashion that you can think of although we do recommend caution when experimenting with your glass toy. Since Pyrex® glass will adapt quickly to any temperature variation cooling your toy can provide additional pleaure and stimulation that you and your partner may find very exciting. While you can safely chill your glass toy to the point of freezing we recommend that you start by placing your toy in a bowl of cool/cold water and graduate to using ice water as your partner becomes accustomed to the excitement. You will want to use extreme caution before placing any frozen object directly against your skin for any period of time. Frozen items may irritate sensitive skin. Oh yeah... and warn your partner before you try anything drastic. You will find that a glass toy will quickly adapt to any temperature and that it helps to have your bowl of cold/ice water neaby to repeat chilling as you tease your partner.

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