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Glass Dildos Starting At $24.95!

Glass Dildos and Sex Toys

You may have seen many of the glass dildos and sex toys that we offer featured on HBO, Playboy TV, in countless adult magazines or your favorite XXX movies. Glass sex toys are works of art that both excite and arouse even the most discriminate adult. They're elegant and attractive in appearance, often very colorful and sparkle like fine jewelry. In addition, glass adult toys offer many positive benefits that we're sure you will enjoy.

Pyrex® Sex Toys Are Cleaner And Last Longer

A minute is all it takes to ensure a crystal clean Pyrex® dildo. Since glass toys never absorb anything it takes very little time or effort to wash them clean. It actually takes longer to wash your hands than one of these sex toys! Not to mention that they are free of Phthalates, BPA and other dangerous chemicals and toxins that you'll find in rubber or plastic adult toys.

Also, when properly cared for a glass toy may never have to be replaced. Glass doesn't deteriorate over time and it doesn't absorb anything. Other adult toys may loose their novelty over the years but glass sex toys can stay beautiful for a lifetime.


Adult Toys That Make Your Sex Life Sizzle

If you've never had fun with sex toys, or your partner is reluctant to do so, then a Pyrex® glass dildo is a great way to introduce some excitement. Everyone loves the unlimited artistic qualities of glass sex toys. Beautiful colors, unique textures and even some that will glow! You create the atmosphere and a Pyrex® dildo will surely spark the fire but be prepared for the joy of endless foreplay. You can also warm them up or chill them. glass adapts to temperatures quickly making it ideal for experimentation and alternative types of stimulation. To put it simply, glass toys are head and shoulders above the rest!

Amazing Avantages That Only A Glass Dildo Can Give You

  • High Quality Scientific Grade Glass
  • Free Of Chemicals Like Phthalates And BPA
  • Doctor Recommended
  • More Sanitary And Easy To Clean
  • Can Be Warmed Or Chilled
  • Glass Erotica Is Sexy And Fun
  • Completely Smooth, Non-Porous Surface
  • Last Longer Than Rubber, Plastic Or Silicone
  • Truly Beautiful Artistic Designs

Glass Sex Toys Are An Acceptable Gift For Any Occasion

As with a gift of fine jewelry you can say, "I Love You", with a piece of erotic glass art. Christmas, Valentines Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Batchelor-Bachelorette Parties or a simple simple gift to remind them you care. Sharing and intimate gift with that special someone can do wonders for your relationship and not just in the bedroom. Start with some adult gift ideas if you need help locating the perfect gift.

Erotic Glass Art Looks Great On Display

Do you enjoy showing your house guests a good time and introducing them to something new that can benefit their lives? Believe it or not decorating a room with erotic art can be very tasteful and even very appropriate depending upon the situation. Placing a piece of fine glass art on your mantle, dresser, desk or nightstand can add flavor to a room and create an instant conversation about sex. You, a friend and a conversation about sex... That's an exciting combination!

The Largest Selection Of Glass Dildos Available!

We offer a larger and more diverse selection of Pyrex® glass adult toys than any other web site on the internet. We offer the highest quality products from only the most reputable brands such as XHale®, Icicles®, Elevations®, Asstroknots®, Adam and Eve®, Don Wands®, Doc Johnson® and several others. We've learned that with such a large selection of glass erotica it can be hard to find what you're looking for so to better serve you we offer a TOLL FREE NUMBER - 1-888-878-0184. Don't hesitate to call if you have questions, need help locating a product, a recommendation or if you'd feel more comfortable placing an order by phone. A customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

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