Dichroic Wrapped Love Baton By Phallix®

Dichroic Wrapped Love Baton Detailed Description:

The Love Baton glass dildo features the beautiful and wildly popular dichroic wrap. Guarranteed to please your eyes just as much as in between your thighs. Can you handle it? Of course you can, and you'll love it. Reach your ultimate highs with the added control of a handle. It's even more fun to have your partner effortlessly control the action. A 7" X 1.25" diameter Rainbow Dichroic Wrap with a handle! Batons are one of the most functional designs that we offer. Approx 11" in total length, the handle is a solid 4" long and 3/4" diameter with a rounded knob end. Dichroic wrapping is smooth and adds approx 3/16" to the shaft and the head is 1 3/4" in diameter.