Juicer Dildo By Asstroknots®

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Juicer Dildo Detailed Description:

This is the original trademarked Pyrex glass Juicer Dildo as seen on HBO's Real Sex TV. It's name is derived from the head which resembles a fruit juicer. It is clear and completely solid measuring approximately 5 1/4 inches in total length. The shaft, including the head, is about 3 3/4 inches in length with the shaft being 1 inch in diameter and the juicer shaped head is approximately 1 3/4 inches in diameter. The shaft attaches to a circular plate that is 3 3/4 inches in diameter with ribs randomly placed around the plate. The ribs are rounded and raised about 3/16 of an inch or so. On the back of the ribbed plate is a handle, which measures about 1 inch long by 3/4 of an inch in diameter. The Juicer is a very innovative design that is meant to be rotated using the handle when it is inserted.